Early childhood intervention services from Accessability

For children aged 0 to 6 years - A safe environment for them to grow

With the early childhood intervention program, Accessability aims to assist families with children aged 0 to 6. The assistance includes trained professionals providing advice and support with roots in the local community. Our trained professionals are always careful around your children when it comes to early childhood intervention services.

We aim at creating a safe environment where the child can feel safe, comfortable and enjoys the process. This way, we implement life-lasting changes with care and utmost consideration focusing on a better tomorrow.

The ECEI program is very inclusive and if your child, aged between 0 to 6 years exhibits signs of a disability, NDIS can support through the ECEI program.

How Accessability is Different for Early Childhood Intervention Services

With a culturally diverse community and an environment made safe and comfortable for people to interact and grow, early childhood intervention at Accessability is inclusive and tailored for every child. All our trained professionals aim at providing the highest quality of early childhood intervention at the early stages of a child's growth years.

This not only reduces (in some cases, eliminates) the need for long-term intervention. During early growth years, the chances of managing the disability are higher and thus, our trained professionals are thorough, regular and compassionate at every session. Every child with a disability detected and managed early can lead a normal life.

As an NDIS partner providing ECEI services, our trained staff at Accessability will be at the first step for parents and carers who have a child with the disability. We promise to work with you throughout the process and ensure that support and assistance are made available at the earliest, absolutely hassle-free.

Check your NDIS plan for early childhood intervention services (ECEI).

There are a wide range of supports available that will help your child:

Why Early Childhood Intervention Services at Accessability?

With our base in Wheatbelt, Accessability cherishes its location and the local community for working together towards a community living system that supports, provides opportunities and helps in realising life goals. Our community is weaved on the principles of caring for each other while enabling people with a disability to lead a life where they can achieve everything they aspire to. We offer our complete assistance in helping individuals get used to living independently and help in carrying out daily activities and chores.

We are different:

You belong - Accessibility

Lead a life that makes you happy, on your own

Accessibility - Making life happen for you

We are a long-standing Rural Wheatbelt originated organisation that has been providing boutique service focused on individual needs and choices. All our services are designed with the motive to assist you towards independent living. A broad spectrum of services from community support that brings inclusion, cultural palette and assistance with social and community participation.

The services were designed based on the requests and needs of the community to consult with members. Our staff come with cultural diversity and bring with them rich life experiences, knowledge and training in multidisciplinary fields. This way, you grow in all spheres of life.