Host Care

24/7 Care and Support From Your Very Own Host Carer

What is Host Care at Accessability?

A Western Australia initiative, Host Care helps a person with disability attain a healthy and positive living environment with the support of a Host Carer or Host Home Provider. The Host Caster can be an individual or a family who has voluntarily applied to fulfil the position.

Any person with a disability can get constant support from a Host Carer, wherein they can choose to live in your own home or the Host’s home.

Host Care providers are eligible to receive a reimbursement payment along with the board and lodging payment to cover daily expenses.

Why is the Host Care initiative important?

It goes without saying that a stable environment is required in order to achieve bigger and better things in life. With the support that a Host Carer can provide, people with disability can flourish and excel in their desired path in life.

We at Accessability understand how essential it is to have a supporting hand for taking on life's challenges. That is why we have committed Host Care personnel who are passionate about what they do.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides NDIS participants with the opportunity to choose their host carer, who provides you with an agreed level of support as per the NDIS norms.

Host Care Living Arrangements

A Host living arrangement is a contemporary support arrangement where an adult participant lives in the home of a non-related person or family (Host) that the participant has chosen. The Host provides disability related support, household assistance, emotional support and a family environment for an agreed level of reimbursement or payment from the participant which is funded through their NDIS plan.

Services included in a host Care stay are:

Host Carers must obtain the following:

What can your Host Carer do for you?

Our Host Care personnel at Accessability are dedicated to providing support in all spheres of life to people with disability. They offer a safe environment that welcomes and nurtures them and helps them lead a life of dignity and productivity.

Through a Host Carer, one can expect:

Essentials that a Host Home Provider should fulfil

While anyone can technically be a host home problem, there are some bare essentials that any host caret should be in accordance with: