Short Term Accommodation

Short Term Accommodation at Accessability

If you would like a short break away Accessability has a well appointed residence in Narrogin that is reserved for Short Term Accommodation(STA). We provide 24/7 care which includes all meals and support needs and we assist you with building capacity for independent living. You can explore Narrogin and all its local offerings and access activities that you choose. Participants who have STA in their NDIS plan can access this service. Call us if you are thinking of some well deserved respite.

Short Term Accommodation at Accessability is aimed at providing the carer with a much-needed time-out for themselves. While caring for a person with a disability can be challenging and full of responsibilities, having some time to yourself whilst a skilled staff takes care of the person with a disability not only puts your mind at ease but also lets you freely utilise the available time for activities or tasks you have been planning. Short Term Accommodation at Accessability can be a few days to a few hours, depending on how you want it.

Short Term Accommodation at Accessability

Families and carers provide help and support that could otherwise be provided by formal services or paid support workers. They are often one of the greatest advocates for people with disabilities, providing practical and emotional support to help them live their best life. Moreover, if the person they care for wants it, carers play a vital role in supporting them to join the NDIS, set their goals and use their NDIS plan effectively. In addition to the government-funded programs available to support carers, an NDIS participant might use funding in their plan to facilitate respite. Short Term Accommodation supports participants and their carers by giving carers short breaks from their caring responsibilities. It also gives participants time away from their families. For a participant, this might mean:

For carers, taking some time off can help them better manage their own health and improve their wellbeing. In deciding whether to fund or provide a support, we will take into account what is reasonable to expect from families, carers, informal networks and the community. More information for carers and how to include respite in an NDIS plan is available on the Carers Australia website .

Short Term Accommodation at Accessability

With our base in Narrogin, Accessability is present in the local community, working together towards , providing opportunities and helping realise life goals. Our community enables people with a disability achieve everything they aspire to. Whilst skilled staff provide active support and make sure you are in a happy, safe and home-like environment at all times