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What is NDIS Support Coordination at Accessability like

At Accessability, we firmly believe that every person must lead a fulfilling and happy life with dignity and support coordination that is right for them. With the NDIS support coordination, you can pick the right support services that work the best for you. Support coordination has three stages that can very well accommodate any of your support coordination requests.

What is support coordination? Understanding types and purposes

Support Connection: Through this, you can reinforce your ability to forge a connection with any supports (be it funded, informal or community) and help you with your objective(s)

Support Coordination: In order to fulfil your objective(s) effectively, this support helps you succeed by equipping you with the necessary skills. In order to improve your daily life such as maintaining relationships, bond with your community and perform daily tasks efficiently, a support coordinator will work alongside you

Specialist Support Coordination: An advanced level of support coordination, this is for people who need the support of a specialist. A Specialist Support Coordinator will aid you in continual performance of your daily tasks and help you manage any challenges that may come up in your ambience

How will a Support Coordinator help me?

A Support Coordinator will offer you full-fledged support in gaining a thorough understanding of the usability of the funded supports which are a part of your objective(s). As such, you would be seamlessly associated with various services at different levels.

Your Support Coordinator will be committed to helping you home your skills and use them to lead a happy and productive life.

In addition, you will also get the much-needed support to get connected to several providers. You will receive all the assistance that you need to have fruitful negotiations with providers regarding their offers and the cost of your plan.

Needless to say, all service agreements and service bookings will be fulfilled by your Support Coordinator.

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Why Support Coordination at Accessability?

With our base in Wheatbelt, Accessability cherishes its location and the local community for working together towards a community living system that supports, provides opportunities and helps in realising life goals. Our community is weaved on the principles of caring for each other while enabling people with a disability to lead a life where they can achieve everything they aspire to.

We are different:

You belong - Accessibility

Lead a life that makes you happy, on your own

Accessibility - Making life happen for you

We are a long-standing Rural Wheatbelt originated organisation that has been providing boutique service focused on individual needs and choices. All our services are designed with the motive to assist you towards independent living. A broad spectrum of services from community support that brings inclusion, cultural palette and assistance with social and community participation. The services were designed based on the requests and needs of the community to consult with members. Our staff come with cultural diversity and bring with them rich life experiences, knowledge and training in multidisciplinary fields. This way, you grow in all spheres of life.