Support Coordination

Support Coordination at Accessability

At Accessability, we firmly believe that every person has the right to lead a fulfilling and happy life with dignity and support coordination that is right for them. With NDIS support coordination, you can pick the right support services that work the best for you. Support coordination has three levels that can accommodate your support coordination needs.

Levels of Support Coordination

Support Connection: Through this, you can reinforce your ability to forge a connection with any supports (be it funded, informal or community) and help you with your objective(s)

Support Coordination: In order to fulfil your objective(s) effectively, this support helps you succeed by equipping you with the necessary skills. To improve your daily life such as maintaining relationships, bond with your community and perform daily tasks efficiently, a support coordinator will work alongside you.

Specialist Support Coordination: An advanced level of support coordination, this is for people with complex needs that are exceptional and need a higher degree of assistance to improve quality of life and enable the person with a disability to live with dignity.

How Support Coordination Can Help

A Support Coordinator will offer you support in gaining a thorough understanding of the usability of the funded supports which are a part of your overall NDIS goals. They will offer local provider options to assist with meeting your goals and support you to connect with those you choose.

You will receive all the assistance that you need to have effective negotiations with providers regarding their services and funding use of your plan.

The Support Coordinator will also assist you to prepare for future NDIS Planning meetings to ensure you receive the supports you need to lead a happy and productive life.

Support Coordination