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Having services that support your recovery while working in an alliance is one of the best opportunity NDIS introduces its people. With therapy assistance, you get to engage with a trained professional who understands your needs and is capable enough to deliver treatments or support that works in your benefit.

While support worker and therapy assistant both aim at improving your overall well-being, what differentiates them is the type of service they offer for your improvement. At Accessability, you receive support and therapy assistance that brings positive changes to your life by taking steps on daily basis.

A therapist can be physiotherapists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, dieticians, social workers and even psychologists. These people have the obligation of making sound assessments, identifying problem areas, making a diagnosis to offer helpful and effective recommendations, treating and supporting people who may have certain health conditions, developmental disorders or even disabilities. A therapist is usually a health professional who has the necessary qualifications to make medical advice as required.

A support worker, on the other hand, is responsible to ensure they engage and involve in a person’s life and help them better perform daily activities. Their main role is to support and provide care to someone with a disability.

What activities you can do with therapy assistance?

At Accessability, we are driven to ensure you are making constant progress towards your goals. Our team of therapy assistance providers work with you and your family to ensure you are getting assistance, care and support in the right direction. Our team of trained professionals come from a vivid cultural background and they always are motivated to help everyone

With Accessability’s therapy assistance, achieve:

The range of activities that a support worker/therapy assistant will take on can be variable. To implement a therapy program successfully, the following are factors that must be considered:

To know about therapy assistance at Accessability, get in touch with us today. This way, we will be able to assist and help you better.

Why Therapy Assistance at Accessability?

With our base in Wheatbelt, Accessability cherishes its location and the local community for working together towards a community living system that supports, provides opportunities and helps in realising life goals. Our community is weaved on the principles of caring for each other while enabling people with a disability to lead a life where they can achieve everything they aspire to.

We are different:

You belong - Accessibility

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We are a long-standing Rural Wheatbelt originated organisation that has been providing boutique service focused on individual needs and choices. All our services are designed with the motive to assist you towards independent living. A broad spectrum of services from community support that brings inclusion, cultural palette and assistance with social and community participation. The services were designed based on the requests and needs of the community to consult with members. Our staff come with cultural diversity and bring with them rich life experiences, knowledge and training in multidisciplinary fields. This way, you grow in all spheres of life.