Bringing professional and specialised NDIS services to Wheatbelt

Accessability Wheatbelt - Supporting ability, creating opportunities for an independent you

At Accessability Wheatbelt, we care about you and the growth that professional care and support can bring to a person’s life. We are local service providers of Wheatbelt for core and capacity building and therapy services. We constantly work with you throughout to bring positive changes to your life.

With a team of trained experts in Wheatbelt who are passionate about supporting, caring and assisting you, you are always cherished and pushed to achieve more independent and become more self-reliant. At Accessability Wheatbelt, you matter the most and we always ensure every aspect of your NDIS plan is personalised to the best to meet your needs.

Why Accessability Wheatbelt for your NDIS plan?

At Accessability Wheatbelt, we support the virtue of ability and aspire to create access that encourages participation opportunities for people with a disability. We help convert dreams into reality with perseverance, care and endless support. We achieve this by implementing personal growth plans, providing adequate in-house care and support and provide skill training that will become fundamental to independent living.

Accessibility Wheatbelt - Making life happen for you

We are a long-standing Rural Wheatbelt originated organisation that has been providing boutique service focused on individual needs and choices. All our services are designed with the motive to assist you towards independent living. A broad spectrum of services from community support that brings inclusion, cultural palette and assistance with social and community participation in Wheatbelt. The services were designed based on the requests and needs of the community to consult with members. Our staff come with cultural diversity and bring with them rich life experiences, knowledge and training in multidisciplinary fields. This way, you grow in all spheres of life.